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Microdermabrasion is an immensely popular skin treatment that can be done at the salon, skin spa, or at your dermatologist’s office. If you’ve never had one before, though, you’re probably wondering what happens during a microdermabrasion treatment. Like, how long does a treatment last? And, does it hurt?

Here are answers to the most-asked questions about microdermabrasion, to help you know what to expect during your first treatment.

Types of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a professional procedure that can be done by both dermatologists and estheticians alike. There are two main types of microdermabrasion procedures. Both are used to thoroughly exfoliate the skin.

During crystal microdermabrasion, micro-fine crystals are shot from a small tube onto your skin and simultaneously vacuumed back up. Think of this as working as a high-powered scrub. There is a crystal-free version of microdermabrasion that uses a diamond-tipped wand to exfoliate instead.

Both forms of microdermabrasion have many benefits. Just one microdermabrasion treatment leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, and looking radiant. A series of treatments can improve skin’s texture and tone and reduce fine wrinkles, sun damage, acne/acne scars, enlarged pores and even stretch marks.


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