Classic eyelash Extension

Classic Lashes
Classic lashes are so named because they are what the industry started with, the OG lash. We apply one single extension to one individual natural lash. Classic eyelash extensions can be as lightweight as 0.07mm for a super natural look, or as thick as 0.18mm for a fuller look.
These lashes will always look more ‘natural’ as they mimic the way your natural lashes look – the fullness we can achieve depends a lot on how many natural lashes you have. If you don’t have lots of natural lashes, even 100% coverage – so an extension on every natural lash – may not look as full as it would on somebody else.
Think of classic lashes as an enhancement of your natural lashes: like you’re wearing a very good mascara that doesn’t smudge, smear or come off when you wash your face.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

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