Volume eyelashes Extensions

Volume lashes refer to super lightweight lashes (starting from 0.03mm) that are crafted into a fan before being applied to individual natural lashes. This technique increases your lash count by as much as 700+ extensions per eye, giving you a dramatic look with unrivalled fullness.
There are a few different types of Volume lashes currently available to clients.
Pre-made Volume
These Volume fans are purchased by a stylist already made, who then applies these in a similar fashion to classic lashes. Many classic eyelash extension specialists will keep some pre-made fans in their salon as they do not require any additional upskilling to offer these to their clients. A full look can still be achieved with pre-made fans, but the set is not 100% customisable as the stylist is limited to the fan sizes they have in stock at the time.  Pre-made fans cannot be altered before application, and good quality fans can be hard for stylists to purchase at times.

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